Best Gynae in Bangalore


Best Gynae in Bangalore

Best Gynae in Bangalore

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Obstetrics And Top Gynecologist Bangalore / Best Gynae in Bangalore

The physical and psychological well-being of a woman is of foremost importance, as it has intimation not only on herself but also on her baby. The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Shreyas maternity home contains a team of obstetricians, gynecologists, neonatologists, anesthesiologists, and specially trained nurses who ensure that the journey through pregnancy starts on the right note and progressing well till childbirth.

In order to adapt to the various physical, mental and psychological changes that occur in a woman’s body during pregnancy, it is important to follow the requirements for maintaining good health. Following a healthy diet and a basic exercise program can help to ensure your child’s well-being by keeping stress at bay and rejuvenating the body.

Mother & Baby Care 

Getting Pregnancy Care

Pregnancy is a beautiful milestone & you deserve the best care. At Shreyas Maternity Home one of the best Pregnancy Care Hospitals in Bangalore, we know there are a lot of things you expect when welcoming a newborn to your family. You want to experience the comforts of the home within the safety of a hospital environment. Most of all you want it to be a moment of joy & sharing with your loved ones.

Our staff treats you like a family. We work together as one team to provide you & your family the experience of a lifetime.


Our trained and experienced staff understand that there are many decisions to be made about childbirth and that your need for comfort is important, which is why we make sure the latest pain management techniques are available 24 hours a day. Whether you are attempting a normal delivery or need an epidural, we can provide the comfort and control you need for safe delivery.

First Scan

Only your baby will determine the day when you deliver, but you can always try to be as prepared as possible for your labor and hospital stay. From your first scan to answering all of your doubts, maybe big or small, We are here for you.

Baby’s Birth

The birth of your baby is a time that you will never forget. At Shreyas Maternity Home, here we are committed to making the best experience. We offer the latest clinical services and modern technology & everything is designed for your baby’s comfort & care. But we also know what is really important to you as a mother: to experience your childbirth in the most comfortable and peaceful way possible. Therefore our Shreyas Maternity Home focuses on whole-person care of you and your child.

Baby Care

It’s hard to plan for a baby. Sometimes situations beyond our control make it impossible to care for a baby. But we make it possible, your baby will be safe in a safe haven. And, if you’re looking for the safety and security of a hospital environment yet want a low-intervention birthing experience, we’ve got the best of both worlds: a certified nurse who will work in a tandem with your birth attorney & your obstetrician/gynecologist for a truly collaborative approach.

Feeding baby

There are a lot of reasons to breastfeed. Remember that breastfeeding your baby is a learned skill. It happens easily for some women, but for others, it can be frustrating and uncomfortable. We are here for you to help!